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The 2005 Durham LJ Ghostbusters-athon

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Nov. 18th, 2005 @ 07:06 pm
Oh, look. A tumbleweed.

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For us. Aug. 14th, 2005 @ 08:46 pm
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Cafe Venice Strikes Back Jun. 5th, 2005 @ 10:37 pm
AKA elvet_ectoplasm does AE.

davechicken: The new Harry Potter book. Harry Potter and the Stone Coloured Dildo.

Dude In Cafe Venice [Upon alinak arriving late and not, in fact, ordering]: I made an extra dark mocha, just in case.

yorkybar [On Captain Jack]: Are you talking about Pirates of the Caribbean or Doctor Who?

alinak: Stop covering Death in cream... Oh.

queeniefox [On 'icecream genius' or lack thereof] : Icecream fucking idiot!

queeniefox: His psychic went... ah, bugger!

queeniefox [On bad moustaches, backwards swastikas and even worse jokes]: Maybe Hitler was big on irony.
yorkybar: WWII was just a joke. Sorry guys I didn't mean it. [And is now officially ashamed of self. Liz, not Hitler, who was just a prat of immense proportions.]

alinak [On champagne, a vest, and Fiennes]: Am not picturing that. [Then, with less gusto] Am not picturing that.

davechicken: Springtime for Voldemort?

davechicken: You left me alone all day! If you leave me alone all day I surround myself with people!
singing_hamster: I left you alone for two and a half hours!
davechicken: I got lonely!
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Pimp May. 23rd, 2005 @ 11:16 pm
This is me pimping northeast_slash.


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MAJOR FANDOM ANNOUNCEMENT! May. 11th, 2005 @ 05:17 pm
Ladies and gentlemen, Sith and Jedi, androids and undecideds, flyboys, flygirls, Majors, Doctors, Commanders, knife-wielding maniacs, and you, over there, lurking in the corner...


opens on THURSDAY MAY 19TH (aka, a week TOMORROW.)

The first showing in Durham will be at FIVE PAST MIDNIGHT on that day.

The House has made a collective decision to go. Anyone else want to come? I can give lifts but the Yarisjumper can only hold five, so I can't guarantee them for everyone. (I could do relay-runs if anyone has a real problem, though...)

I will be going to book tickets TOMORROW so you need to reply to this post by LUNCHTIME in order for me to buy you a ticket. They're likely to be about £4, and you will probably need to bring your student card.


*end transmission*
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» More quotes
TOOC quotage from last night's SG-1 festCollapse )
» Welcome to Damnation. Population: Us
Today, six of the members of elvet_ectoplasm (can I call us squEErs yet?) met for coffee at 4.30, which somehow ended up morphing into an lj party lasting until 11pm. Naturally, with the combination of us, the caffeine, the cracktastic wonders of Stargate etc. etc., there were a lot of quotes. Since I took on the position as voluntary scribe for the evening, I have the honour to present you all with Many many quotes taken out of contextCollapse )
» Coffee

When: Wednesday 4th May, 4.30 p.m
Where: Cafe Nero
Bring: Yourselves.

We can discuss stuff (such as being sqEErs) and sit around and see how far we can push it before they throw us out (only joking, they wouldn't throw us out. Would they? :P). Also, somebody remember pen and paper, I suspect there may be quotes needing recording for posterity.

Hope to see you there.
» (No Subject)
yorkybar hath decreed that we, the members of this fine community, need an appropriate collective noun that has more of a ring to it than "elvet ectoplasm-ers". I would propose that we take a vote on whether to call ourselves "squEErs", and offer up the following etymological and ideological reasoning:

- First and foremost, we do an awful lot of squee!ing. It is a feature of our lives, our various fandoms, and the reason the comm was created in the first place (namely, to squee over Peter).
- secondly, we have a tendency to slash people, things, abstract concepts, and so on. If the letter "s" is removed from the proposed collective noun, the word "queers" is observed. This covers the fact that not only do we think that homoeroticism is The Neatest Thing Since Primordial Soup, but also that we are all very peculiar individuals.
- the initials of Elvet Ectoplasm are capitalised to draw attention to our humble originss, crossing streams [Ed: you know, we really do need to get around to seeing Ghostbusters one of these days...] and also the "EEEEEE!" noise mentioned earlier, which has been frequently heard when more than two of us happen to be in the same vicinity for more than a few minutes.
- some, indeed most of us, are drawn to rather perverse thoughts as naturally as breathing. The "queer" bit of the word covers this partially, but the original use of the word "Squeers" was the surname of the sadistic Wackford Squeers of Dickens' Nicholas Nickleby. Now, I personally can't abide Dickens (he was paid by the word to write, and ye gods does it show in his style...) but I will admit that he had a gift for plot and characterisation, both of which we prize as a collective. Also, it's a pretentious reference to deviant practises, which adds a sense of panache to the title

So, may I hear (well, read) a chorus of "yays" or "nays"? Alternative collective noun suggestions also welcome.
» Quotes from coffee
Please note: These quotes did not come from the coffee itself, but were definately a side effect. I would say who said what, but i don't have them written down. Even though I could tell you if I could be bothered to think about it.Collapse )
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