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Welcome to Damnation. Population: Us - The 2005 Durham LJ Ghostbusters-athon

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Previous Entry Welcome to Damnation. Population: Us May. 4th, 2005 @ 11:35 pm Next Entry
Today, six of the members of elvet_ectoplasm (can I call us squEErs yet?) met for coffee at 4.30, which somehow ended up morphing into an lj party lasting until 11pm. Naturally, with the combination of us, the caffeine, the cracktastic wonders of Stargate etc. etc., there were a lot of quotes. Since I took on the position as voluntary scribe for the evening, I have the honour to present you all with many many quotes taken out of context. Apologies for any funny stuff I missed writing down, I wasn't really as assiduous in Cafe Venice about scribing as I should have been. Anyway, these are in chronological order of having been said:

I don't like ascended people, but that kind of conflicts with my religion. - alinak

The truth is out there. And it's granulated. - alinak, referring to the Sugar Code

No, not the Nazi-Communist space babies! - davechicken

The cat I never met was psycho. - yorkybar

I was going to start my revision, so I thought I'd get drunk. - yorkybar

Not that kind of playing, the bed wouldn't take it. - davechicken, referring, curiously enough, to knives and fire.

Damn, I seem to have an exciting new obsession. - thespianpythia, referring to the death of my life at the hands of various Stargates.

I got my Duracells out today. - davechicken. I'm sure this has to do with battery-porn in some capacity, but I was afraid to ask.

You can slash the house! - davechicken; we were talking about the genders of inanimate objects in other languages.

Your fire's exhausted. It's shagged out. - davechicken

Danger? I laugh in the face of danger! - alinak

Cannot compute... available brain power diverted to biceps. - thespianpythia

Most of me is recessive. - thespianpythia

Look on the bright side - at least you didn't come out with "most of me is dominant"! - alinak, replying to my comment above.

Okay, meaningful revision now. - singing_hamster

Blade through toes! - davechicken, I think

...accidental baby dinosaur sex in space... sure is a lot of sex... - davechicken and alinak, making Rodney and Kolya do the anti-gravity dance of lurrve (sort of...)

Cetacean sex - it always comes up for some reason. - thespianpythia
Comes *up*? - davechicken

The last time I looked, I didn't resemble a porcupine. - alinak

Well, that's better than fisting someone *else's* mouth... - davechicken

Was it a *special* tv programme? - alinak

I think my DVD player is Shep, because it never quite does what you tell it to. - yorkybar
What, is it all flash and no substance? - davechicken

He salutes you with his legs! - davechicken, referring to one of the dinosaurs

Can we show you his nipples before you go? - davechicken
Only if you let me write that down. - thespianpythia

*Where* is my nipple porn? - davechicken, having trouble finding a picture of Rodney in "my, but isn't it cold in Atlantis" form

I have no originality of my own, I have to borrow other people's - thespianpythia

Right, I think that's the lot. And now I'm off, either to try to go to bed (*coughcoughyeahrightcough*) or possibly watch something I really shouldn't be watching. Like SG:A. Blast. I would appear to be doomed indeed. "All your soul are belong to us" indeed...
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Date:May 4th, 2005 11:38 pm (UTC)
I think I have to 'fess to the Nazi-Communist babies...

*dies all over*
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